Friday, September 2, 2011

Answered Prayers and New Artwork

Isn't it amazing how God answers prayers?  We don't always get them answered right away because prayers are answered in His time.  BUT, it's so cool when He responds so quickly; so quickly that you think, "Wow God, you must have known I was going to ask for this!"  Well duh!  Of course He knows because it's all in His plans for our lives.  So let me tell you about my recent answered prayer.....As you know I'm just starting to get myself out there, I've started my blog and I'm getting my creative business going.  I've been wanting to take bigger steps on this journey and build my creative business, but I knew that bigger steps meant spending money (money that we really don't have).  I'm learning how to the whole process of a creative business works in an e-course by Kelly Rae Roberts; last week she was explaining how to build your business by printing high quality prints from your original pieces of work.  I thought this was a great idea, but this idea was going to turn in to spending lots of money; high quality fine art printer $600, high quality ink for the printer $100, better scanner $120, special fine art paper to print on $50.00.  It all adds up!  So, on Sunday we had a great service talking about how God has a dream for our lives and during the prayer at the end of service the pastor happened to pray about us being able to find the resources we needed to take further steps in God's dream for our lives.  Our pastor always reminds us to pray specifically for the things in our lives.  I went home and I did just that, I prayed specifically, that if it was in His plan for my dream, that I would be able to get a good printer some how.  On Monday, I was cruising through Craigslist and I found the exact $600 printer that I needed to be able to take my next step; the seller was asking for $150, further in the ad the seller stated that she never could get the printer to work right, the colors were off and it liked to print out weird language instead of what you wanted printed.  She was so frustrated with the printer that she ended up getting a commercial printer and was selling this one to see if someone else wanted to fool with it to try to get it to work; her business was too busy to mess with it.  Right then and there, before I emailed her, I prayed that if this printer was the right one for me (even though it wasn't working right), that she would accept my offer of only $75.  I know it was only half of what she was asking, but I put my Faith in God and sent the email.  Later that day I received an email from her saying that she would go ahead and accept my offer because she just wanted it gone; oh ya, and she had brand new unopened ink for it!  WooHoo!  As I was thanking God for this printer, I was also praying that I could get this printer to work for me.  Wednesday, I drove to Spokane (an hour away) and picked up the printer, as I left the seller's office she said, "good luck, I hope it works out for you."  I got home, hooked it up, cleaned the printer heads and realigned everything.  I scanned one of my canvas paintings and hesitated a little before I clicked the print button......."click" starts printing......still printing.....and what do ya know a perfect print of my canvas!!!!!  Praise the Lord!  God is good.  Now, I get to take my next step in making prints of my creative business.  I'm learning that if I listen to God and stay on the path that He has made for me, that He will bless me and always take care of me.

OK, that was my prayer  answered, now here are some pieces that I have been working on and finished......

                                  Always remember to love know matter what.

                         This piece was inspired by what happened to me this week..
                         I asked God for what I wanted, I was seeking out what I wanted
                         and God opened the door for me.

                          This is to remind you to remember to Be Still and listen  
                          for God's voice. Take time to listen and you will hear Him.                                                    

I really hope this was encouraging for you.  If you are waiting for an answer from God, just know that He is listening and He will answer your prayer at the right time.  The answers aren't always what we want them to be, but God loves you and wants the best for you.  Let go, give God the reigns so He can lead you down the path of life.


  1. Lanette,

    Thank you for sharing your story! I am so happy for you! Prayer is powerful isn't it. I have been praying myself for a community of women who will inspire me and support me. I have found such a group. Another prayer answered. I wish you luck and much success!

  2. That is so awesome! It was meant to be your printer.

  3. Was just scanning through looking for some good mixed media blogs and found yours. How funny that you ended up in Colfax. I live in St. John, Wa. Just 1/2 hour away. So we are neighbors. Have a great day!

    Michele Thompson