Friday, May 31, 2013

It's Happening!

Yes, it's's art studio will soon open!  It's definitely been a work in progress, but it's getting so close.   Let me back up for a second, back in December 2012, my husband and I started renovating part of a building here in Colfax.  It was a huge project because there was a ton to be done and the building had been vacant for some time.  I really wish I had taken pictures from the very beginning, but here's an idea of what we had to do.....we pulled up 2 layers of carpet and then found that the carpet padding was glued to the floor, so then we had to pry that off, talk about labor intensive; then we put new flooring down.  Next, was peeling wallpaper, hours and hours of peeling wallpaper YUCK!  Then came painting and cleaning and cleaning, and yes, more cleaning.  Nobody had really used this building in probably 10 years.

I only have a few pictures of the work in progress, but here they are:

This is after we put some flooring in; notice the ugly wallpaper.

This is the classroom area, my hubby and I built the table.

Moving boxes in!

Getting stuff put away.

"DREAM", cuz it's coming true!

So, I will keep you updated on the progress and take some more pictures.
For anyone who is local, keep in mind that my grand opening will be June 22nd.
I will also post a schedule of the classes that will be offered......stay tuned!

One more picture....

The door to my studio!

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